David Beckham Took A Selfie With His New Perfect Wingman Rick Scott

International soccer superstar and male model David Beckham had a meeting yesterday with Florida Governor Rick Scott. What did these two men talk about? Well, I wasn’t there so I can’t speak with certainty, but it was either about the incredible new stadium plans that Beckham and his ownership group have for Miami’s MLS team, or Scott was simply offering Beckham further warning about swimming in the Amazon River, as the candiru fish will swim into his pee hole and destroy his genitals from the inside out. This is serious stuff, folks. Nobody messes with the Beck’s billion dollar bulge.

Regardless of what they were meeting about, the 38-year old Beckham proved that he’s no N00B when it comes to the hip trends of the Internet, as he posed for a selfie with the Sunshine State’s baldest bureaucrat. More than anything, this just reminds us of Beckham’s incredible fashion and style savviness, as any he always knows the best ways to remind us just how ridiculously good-looking he is.