David Cameron Watched The Space Launch And It Turned Into The Weirdest Meme

On Tuesday morning, British Prime Minister David Cameron watched the first official Briton fly into space. Four other Brits with U.S. citizenship (who worked for NASA) have done so before, but Tim Peake’s space flight is a matter of British celebration. Peake launched from Baikonur, Kazakhstan toward the International Space Station, and Cameron was thrilled to see history in the making. Naturally, the internet immediately took notice of Cameron’s awkward tellie pose with tweets like this one.

Cameron’s posture also left the screen portion of the photo wide open for digital manipulation, and boy, did the internet ever go to town. Things started out semi-innocently with some jokes about Star Wars and narcissism.

Things got a little spicier with the suggestion that Cameron is into adult hotlines. The internet was only warming up.

Then the pig jokes started, which was to be expected. We’ll discuss the niceties in a moment.

Sadly (for Cameron), the internet will never forget about the “Bae of Pigs” or “Piggate” crisis, wherein Cameron was forced to confront rumors that he, uh, did something with a pig as part of a university ritual. The rumor stemmed from Lord Ashcroft’s biography, and Cameron strongly denied all accusations. This doesn’t change Twitter’s trolling tendencies, which launched many pig scenarios into the ether.

That’s not all. Twitter got even naughtier with some very explicit photos of piggy relations. Ouch.

(Via TimeOut and Mashable)