DC Misrepresents Mental Illness? Really?

So, a bunch of shrinks have decided to try and cash in on the publicity of the DC reboot by saying DC should make comics more accurate, and by accurate, we mean boring.

OK, so that’s not remotely fair; they do realistically understand these are comics, and not those indie comics like “Schizo” (worth picking up, by the way). In fact, these guys come off like fans. But the op-ed from three professional forensic psychiatrists are within the time honored tradition of nitpicking details. For example, they’re right that Arkham’s residents are not “inmates” since they haven’t been convicted of anything most of the time. And they want insane murderers with no empathy for others to be called the correct term, “psychopathic” not “psychotic”.

They also point out that if somebody is schizophrenic, it doesn’t define them entirely, which is fair. We’re just wondering if these guys have ever rushed something out on deadline; getting the terminology right is not usually first priority.

[ via the psych ward heroes at Blastr ]