DC To Deliver The Super Smooching In ‘Superman/Wonder Woman’

So, we all want Superman and Wonder Woman to be a thing, right? Or do we? Just taking the most powerful guy and the most powerful woman in the DC Universe and making them do it is kind of predictable. I mean, sure, logically Superman and Wonder Woman would pretty much have to become an item, since nobody else on the planet would have a pelvis strong enough to withstand the super-humping, but eh, it’s just not the most creative storytelling.

Well with that preamble out of the way, I bring you the exciting news that DC is planning to “explore Superman and Wonder Woman’s budding relationship” in Superman/Wonder Woman, a new ongoing series scheduled to begin in October! Hit the jump for the first issue’s cover…

Superman/Wonder Woman will be written by Charles Soule (the guy who took over for Scott Snyder on Swamp Thing) and drawn by Tony Daniel. Yes, a romance-heavy comic drawn by Tony Daniel. Hmmm.

via IGN