‘Dead Island 2’ Overruns California With Zombies In A Humorous First Trailer

Deep Silver released the first trailer for Dead Island 2. Rather than releasing one of the best ads for a video game which would inevitably disappoint us when it couldn’t live up to the iconic trailer, they’ve taken the safer route and announced the sequel with a humorous video instead.

After the first outbreak on Banoi in Dead Island 1, the world has moved on. Zombies are known and everyone feels safe and prepared. Companies are selling vaccines and the latest zombie survival kits and people believe that the disaster that occurred on a small island in the middle of nowhere could never happen to them. […]

Suddenly, a string of brutal outbreaks occur in California and the government puts a wall around the infected area – leaving California as a “Dead Island”.

The video above definitely pokes fun at California, but it doesn’t explain much of the gameplay for Dead Island 2. Deep Silver says there’s a new combat system, new enemy types, and a co-op mode for up to eight players at a time.

Dead Island 2 comes to PS4, Xbox One, and PC in Spring of 2015, but PS4 owners will get exclusive content like a 30-day beta and a unique character class and level.

Via VG24/7