The Internet Gave A Dead Raccoon A Beautiful, Makeshift Memorial

On Thursday morning, a raccoon left this world in solitude on a Toronto sidewalk. In the day that followed, the internet celebrated his life beyond measure. Twitter user Jason Wagar first discovered the body and alerted the city of Toronto through the @311Toronto account.

Hours passed, and animal control did not arrive. After returning to the scene a few times, Jason delivered a status report. He also found that the #DeadRaccoonTO hashtag spurred some mischievous souls to start a makeshift memorial, complete with a gas station rose and a framed photo.

Soon enough, the raccoon acquired its own Twitter account. By evening, more mourners gathered to pay their respects to the animal.

Here are some photos from eyewitnesses on the scene, including local Twitter celebrity Kelly Oxford. The raccoon even received a name, “Conrad.”

Animal control finally arrived, and Conrad left this world forever.

City of Toronto Councillor Norm Kelly also gave his condolences.

Goodnight, sweet Conrad. Enjoy this dance in the afterlife.

(Via Toronto Star)