Morena Baccarin Hilariously Teases ‘Deadpool’ Co-Star Ryan Reynolds For International Women’s Day

Although Deadpool technically isn’t a romantic comedy, the amazing marketing team at 20th Century Fox had a blast convincing Valentine’s Day moviegoers it was. Not that the ads in question had to stretch the film’s content too much, as Wade and Vanessa (Ryan Reynolds and Morena Baccarin, respectively) were truly, madly and deeply in love with one another. What’s more, the titular anti-hero’s resolve to rescue his otherwise totally competent girlfriend from the film’s villains drove much of the movie.

Let’s not forget one of the movie’s most memorable scenes, when Vanessa treated Wade to a taste of his own medicine on International Women’s Day. To celebrate the actual day’s occurrence, Baccarin posted a NSFW screenshot from the scene on Instagram and tweeted it to Reynolds.

Aside from Deadpool‘s constant barrage of one-liners and kill shots, the movie has become famous for what Reynolds once described as a “sex montage.” The scene in question serves to fast-forward audiences through Wade and Vanessa’s courtship, and to help everyone keep up, it does so by depicting the two gettin’ it on during various holidays. Including International Women’s Day, at which point Vanessa wears a strap-on and ever so briefly uses it on a suddenly sensitive Wade.

Reynolds has yet to respond to Baccarin’s trolling on social media. Considering his ongoing “feud” with Logan star Hugh Jackman, however, he’s probably biding his time before offering a proper retort. That, or he doesn’t have one. (Probably the latter.)

(Via BroBible)