Deal With It GIFs: Pop Culture Edition

If there’s a lazier way to win an e-argument than with a “Deal With It” GIF, I’m unaware of it. I’ve spent more time than I’m proud of trolling college football message boards and the first person to insert a well-timed “Deal With It” renders all other arguments invalid just about always, even when supporting Les Miles in-game coaching decisions. The meme is essentially the internet’s “talk to the hand,” except legitimately effective and socially acceptable. Just more reason to love internet.

In my experience I’ve also heard it come in handy when replying to emails from your mom, girlfriend, boss, and parole officer.

Much like “Haters Gonna Hate,” “Deal With It” has the staying power that 99% of memes lack because of all the good times pop culture variations. I’m pretty sure this Van Der Beek GIF single-handedly resurrected his career, and in honor of that alone I’ve collected every pop culture GIF I could find on the world wide web…

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