Nicole Arbour Of ‘Dear Fat People’ Fired, And Here Are The Most Unapologetic Comebacks From Her ‘TIME’ Interview

On Tuesday, we discussed the outraged reactions to YouTube comedian Nicole Arbour, whose “Dear Fat People” viral video rocked the Internet to the offended core. In the clip, she not only dares overweight people to chase her, but also says stuff like this: “Fat shaming is not a thing. Fat people made that up. That’s the race card, with no race.” People aren’t referring to Arbour as “The Donald Trump of YouTube” for nothing. She still maintains her video is satire, and people just don’t get it.

Like Trump, Arbour is facing consequences for her words. Thursday evening brought news that Arbour got fired from a feature film (her very first one), which carried an anti-bullying message. The film’s director, Pat Mills, explained that Arbour’s attitude is much like the one he endured as a child and described “Dear Fat People” in the following manner:

“An unfunny and cruel fat-shaming video that guises itself about being about ‘health’ … It’s fat phobic and awful. It went on for over for six minutes. I felt like I had been punched in the gut. I was so upset I was shaking like Shelley DuVall in the The Shining.”

Arbour refuses to apologize for her video. She kicked off her “sorry, not sorry” campaign by saying people only took offense because she’s a female comedian.

Then Arbour sat down for an interview with TIME to stress the importance of what she’s doing. She’s proud to be an equal opportunity offender.

“I feel it’s really important that we make fun of everybody. I think [what] brings us together and unites us as people is that we can poke fun at all of us.”

Arbour maintains that she will never be offended by words, so there’s no need to apologize.

“I find seeing someone’s head being blown off offensive. I find children starving in a country with more than enough food offensive. I find women’s bodies being mutilated for religious purposes, that is offensive to me. But words and satire I don’t find offensive.”

Arbour has swiftly moved on with a video called “Most Offensive Video Ever,” Arbour says it’s all your fault if you’re too “slow” to understand her brand of humor.

“Keyboard warriors are trying to murder comedy. You have to be really f*cking slow to be offended by satire. My kids will live in a world where people can use stereotypes for funny jokes.”

“We’re all trying to be politically correct so that we don’t offend anyone. I don’t care if you’re offended. If you don’t have a sense of humor and you don’t understand jokes, I don’t give a f*ck.”

Twitter continued to react to Arbour’s possible beg for attention. The general consensus is that, in addition to offending people, she’s not funny.

However, Arbour isn’t without her supporters. There are a few of them in the ether.

(Via TIME)

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