Deathstroke Fights A Swarm Of Bizarros In This Exclusive Preview

Deathstroke is hunting for his daughter Rose, hoping to mend fences and bring her back home. That would be great if Rose wanted to be found, which she doesn’t, and wants her father alive, which she really doesn’t. So instead she’s putting dear old dad through a series of tasks he’s not enjoying, as we see in this exclusive preview of Deathstroke #15, out February 24.

Oh, right, the Bizarros. Deathstroke was given a tip that Lex Luthor had information on his daughter, and so burst in, guns blazing. He promptly discovered that one mercenary, no matter how well equipped, isn’t much of a match for a genius-level IQ who happens to be a weapons expert obsessed with Superman. Hence, why he’s trapped in the basement of Lexcorp, and why he’s fighting an army of Bizarros. And it’s not going well, as you can see in this preview…

Check out the fullsized spread right here.

To see how the merc with a slightly more serious mouth handles fighting Superman, pick up Deathstroke #15, out Wednesday in comics shops and digitally.