Bid Adieu To 2016 One Last Time By Reliving December’s Best News Bloopers

There’s no more appropriate way to let the door hit the last month of 2016 on its ass on the way out, than with the best news bloopers and live TV fails from December, compliments of News Be Funny.

Sure, there’s your usual assortment of accidental penis, Freudian slips, and a trio of anchors laughing over the mention of the word “beaver…” But perhaps nothing effectively puts a bow on 2016 as well as a clip three minutes into the video in which a morning show host ill-advisedly hops aboard an electric scooter boasting speeds up to 25 miles per hour, and then proceeds to tear through the studio and crash in horrific fashion, all the while tacky electronic Christmas music plays in the background.

And of course, we’d be remiss without an honorable mention to another morning show host at the 4:29 mark, who for some reason decided to unburden her soul with the artichoke dip she had made for her family — which admittedly tasted “off” — by ambushing a bunch of her co-hosts with it on live TV. Pro tip: If your “artichoke dip” tastes overwhelmingly of vinegar despite the fact that there was no vinegar used in the recipe, that’s probably a good sign it’s not adequate for human consumption.