‘Deep Down’ Is Still The Prettiest Game At The Next Gen Ball

A lot of “next gen” games have been unveiled over the past year, but for my money one of the only ones (maybe the only one) that actually looks next gen is Capcom’s pseudo-MMO dungeon delving game Deep Down. Details on Deep Down are still a little sparse, but interestingly it seems the game will be split between a futuristic New York City and the more traditional dragon-filled dungeons setting.

Hit the jump for a new Deep Down trailer and some off-screen gameplay…

Here’s a slightly different version of the above trailer, along with some off-screen gameplay footage.

So yeah, I know I’ve been a bit cynical about next-gen consoles, but man, once everything starts looking like this (as opposed to Xbox 360 games with better hair and lighting) I’m fully on board.

via Destructoid

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