The 10 Definitive Chris Traeger GIFs From ‘Parks And Recreation’

As all self-respecting Parks and Recreation fans are aware, tonight we say farewell to Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe. And while I will miss Ann Perkins, we’ve covered her contributions to GIF culture before (NEVER FORGET JOGGING) and I’m honestly going to miss Chris Traeger just a wee bit more. You can’t manufacture that level of enthusiasm, folks.

So let’s take a look at the finest GIFs (especially reaction GIFs) that Rob Lowe and Chris Traeger have given us over the years, starting with probably his finest moment and taking us to what you’ll be shocked (SHOCKED) to find out what is passing on the internet for the best Chris Traeger “Literally” GIF. For shame, GIF makers. (Note: This collection is in no way definitive.)

GIFs via Tumblr

…an injustice that this is the best we can do. So let’s not end on that note. Instead…

Honorable Mention: Because in my mind Rob Lowe was playing Chris Traeger playing Drew Peterson.

GIFs via Tumblr