Get To Know The Guys Behind Comedy Central’s ‘Delco Proper’ With These Web Videos

The only thing Philadelphians like more than turning words that start with “F” into words that start with “Ph” is talking sh*t about Philadelphia. And few people talk sh*t about Philly more lovingly than John McKeever, Tommy Pope and Tim Butterly, so it only makes sense that Comedy Central has tapped them for a new web series set in the city where they play three blue-collar best friends from the area who are trying to make it through each day.

Delco Proper premieres on today, here’s a lengthy look at the first episode.

Before you decide on whether this sounds and looks like something you’d be interested in, do yourself a favor and get acquainted with the group by checking out some of their funnier YouTube offerings.


One of the few sketches of McKeever’s that doesn’t have some sort of Philly reference in it, “Samesies” imagines what it was probably like for our early descendants when they realized they had to stop having phenomenal gay sex so that they could make more people to start a civilization.

“Man Hears For First Time”

“Deck the Hall & Oates”

No one loves Hall & Oates the way Philadelphians love Hall & Oates (except for maybe that one hair dresser at your local Hair Cuttery who still wears the same hoop earrings she wore to prom in 1984). Here, Pope and fellow Philadelphia comedian Chip Chantry put a little holiday flare into the duo’s classic pop hits.

“DUI Jesus”

In case you weren’t aware, Jesus was, like, a HUGE Notre Dame fan. Now you know.

“The Real Househusbands of Philadelphia”

“If you bought a slightly-irregular coat in the last 20 years, you helped pay for my Shore house.” Yup, McKeever and the rest of the gang are just as mildly uppity and accidentally racist as they should be here.