Delta Air Lines’ Decision To Fine Unvaccinated Employees $200 Each Month Is Sparking Some Strong Opinions

Delta Airlines announced earlier today that it would begin fining employees who are unvaccinated, becoming the first U.S. company to use a monetary penalty to encourage immunization.

In a memo sent out by Chief Executive Officer Ed Bastian Wednesday morning, the company outlined the new fees, stating that any employee currently on the company’s health-care plan who didn’t get the shot by November 1st would be subject to a $200 monthly surcharge. Starting in September, any employee who remains unvaccinated will also have to undergo weekly testing. While plenty of other companies, like United Airlines, Google, and Facebook have made vaccinations mandatory and announced their own immunization policies, Delta is the first to develop financial consequences for remaining unvaccinated.

Naturally, people had opinions. More than a few questioned Delta’s ability to penalize workers for their personal health choices:

Others applauded the company for making an effort to improve vaccination rates among its employees (currently around 75% of Delta employees are vaccinated.)

But, perhaps the sharpest commentary came from the eagle-eyed commenters who noticed Delta got very specific when naming the Coronavirus variant in question.