This Freshman Roommate’s Demands Should Ensure An Awkward Introduction To College Life


The transition from high school to college is a big one. You’re leaving your home and striking out on your own (albeit in a sheltered environment) and having to navigate all of the issues that come along with that. One of the biggest trials freshman face entering college is their living situation. Unless you are very, very lucky, you’ll probably be bunking with strangers. Now, this could be your shot at making a built in new bestie, or it could all go tits up and you’ll have a sworn enemy by fall break.

From the sound of things, this girl is facing the latter. UCLA freshman Winnie Chen posted on Twitter about her impending roommate situation, when apparently she and Roommate #2 (Guistinna) were not prompt enough in their responses for Roommate #3 (Ashly), leading to an aggressive tirade of demands that would make even the bravest freshman consider an immediate transfer.

So. She seems nice. Honestly, that kind of attitude is not going to fly in the cramped quarters of the average dorm room, so Ashly is in for a very rude awakening and “Sorry but not that sorry” is not going to endear you to anyone. However, the drama did not end there.

Guistinna, already a hero, decided that she wasn’t going to put up with the nonsense that the Queen of Petty Demands was putting down.

Usually, this kind of drama doesn’t break out until someone parties too hard and pukes all over the bathroom floor. Unfortunately, the UCLA housing department doesn’t recognize “my potential roommate is a psycho b*tch” as a valid reason to look for other options.

Good luck, Winnie and Guistinna. You’re going to need it.

(H/T Yahoo)