Denis Leary Talks Spider-Man Movie and Musical

01.17.11 8 years ago 2 Comments
The first pictures of Denis Leary as Captain Stacy in Spider-Man have surfaced, and Leary also gave an interview to Conan O’Brien recently.  Meanwhile, the Spider-Man musical has been delayed for the fifth time, pegging the opening night at March 15th.  Mark your calenders (in pencil).  It’s gotten so bad, even the actors in other Spider-Man productions aren’t pulling punches.  Conan asked Leary if he’s seen the musical yet, and he answered:

“No, but I’m dying to see it. I’m not big on musical theater, I don’t really go, but if I can go to the theater and be guaranteed that guys are going to smash into walls and fall into the audience . . . that’s like NASCAR theater to me and I’ll pay extra money. I don’t want to see anybody seriously hurt, but I’ll pay an extra $400 if the guys are going to land on the people in front of me. I think it’s great. I think it’s a whole new kind of theater.” [CBM]

OH SNAP.  You hear that, Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark?  You’re the “all left turns” of musicals.  Burn.

On the next pages are the clip of the Conan interview, another picture of Denis Leary as Captain Stacy, a New Yorker cover making fun of the musical, and a video I would recommend to anyone who loves Cirque Du Soleil but hates their professionalism.

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