Watch As Denver The Guilty Dog Attempts To Ward Off Her Medicine With Anger

Denver, the Internet’s guiltiest dog, is back in a new video, and this time, she does not want to take her medicine.

Back in 2011, Denver’s owner uploaded a video of her trying to play it cool (and failing spectacularly) while he interrogated her about an eaten bag of cat treats. Since then, the video got over 42 million views on YouTube, and Denver appeared on Good Morning America and Animal Planet’s Bad Dog. Unfortunately, Denver did not learn her lesson. Last Christmas, she ate a bunch of her family’s tree ornaments, and again, her owner had a camera on-hand to survey the holiday wreckage.

This time, Denver isn’t in trouble for eating cat treats or Christmas tree ornaments. Her owner has to clean out her ears and give Denver her ear medicine, and she is not having it. No, not one bit. Denver probably knows she is going to get her medicine, but she doesn’t have to like it. To quote her owner, “My goodness, look at that face!”

(Via Reddit / foodplot)