‘Destiny’ Is Vastly Improved When You Bring In Samuel L. Jackson

I think I’ve made my feelings about Destiny abundantly clear, but one thing I didn’t unload about was the terrible story and how poor Peter Dinklage clearly stopped caring about five pages into the script. If you go through the dialogue word by word, you can tell by his inflection that he realizes he’s signed on to something terrible.

Which is why replacing him with a selection of Samuel L. Jackson dialogue is a superb upgrade. Now, when a character says “I don’t have to time to explain why I don’t have time to explain,” Jackson can just say what we’re all thinking.

Bungie should just pay for the rights and make this an official voice pack. Actually, all they need is to license one clip of Jackson telling someone to shut the f*** up, really. Just that one line would probably improve a lot of cutscenes, and it’s not like we’re not muttering it all the time already.