‘Desus & Mero’ Have A ‘Controversial’ Idea For Meghan McCain’s Next Show: ‘BET, I Know You’re Thinking About It’

While discussing the “very sad goss” that Meghan McCain is leaving The View at the end of July, the eponymous hosts of Desus & Mero offered up some suggestions for McCain’s next career move, and they’re definitely playing with fire one of them. As the two warmed up, Desus floated the idea that McCain “should get a cop show” or stick to her talk show roots with “a court show in the middle of the day, that could work.”

Of course, it wouldn’t be a segment on McCain if the hosts didn’t mention her wild hairstyles that have been a staple on The View ever since she returned from maternity leave, and that’s when Desus trotted out his admittedly “controversial” idea for McCain’s next project. “She should host a show where she judges Black hairstyles,” Desus joked. “BET, I know you’re thinking about it!”

But the hair jokes didn’t stop there. The two hosts then dared McCain to show up during her final episode wearing Bantu knots:

DESUS: Has she come out with Bantu knots yet? For her last episode she has to. She’s really gonna rock the boat and be like, “And what?”

MERO: Whoopi’s going to be like, “girl.” And [Meghan’s] like, “You can’t cancel me. You know why you can’t cancel me? ‘Cause my father was John McCain!”

Despite vowing back in January that she’s “not going anywhere,” McCain announced that she’s leaving The View on Thursday morning after tabloid reports leaked that she was going to resign. According to McCain, the pandemic had shifted her priorities and made her want to change the way she’s living her life. She revealed that she’ll be staying on The View until the current season ends in late July, and joked with her co-hosts that “if you guys want to fight a little bit more, we have four more weeks.”

(Via Desus & Mero on Showtime)