Dexter Morgan’s Miami Slice Looks Surprisingly Delicious

Graphic Artist Jon Defreest and Vulture are back with a new Dexter inspired pop culture Ben & Jerry’s flavor that I’d be all over sans the body parts. But man do I love me some key lime pie. I’m sure I could just pick around any appendages.

I have no idea how many of these Defreest is planning on doing for Vulture but if he’s going to keep with the Dexter theme I’d like to request a “Sergeant Doakes’s Surprise for Your Motherf*ckin’ Mouth” flavor. I can’t be the only one who quit watching after he was killed off.

Defreest also recently did a True Blood inspired sunscreen ad that we didn’t get a chance to post, but I’ve included it after the jump. Skarsgård. So hot right now. Skarsgård.