Diane Lane The Victim Of Real-Life Superdickery?

As we all know, Diane Lane (who’s 46, by the way) is Ma Kent in the next Superman movie, making her the first actress who has ever played Ma Kent anybody has wanted to see naked. What we didn’t know is that meant she was going to be locked in a room alone for three hours.

Yes, apparently Warner Brothers is so terrified of the script leaking that Lane doesn’t get her own copy, but instead was expected to memorize her lines while in a conference room, reading a copy of the script. She did offer up some details: let’s all restrain our shock, it covers the origin. She also calls it a “reinvention”, which we hope to God doesn’t mean they tried to make “The Dark Man of Tomorrow”.

We can’t wait for the script to be leaked on Latino Review anyway. Some things are inevitable as death, Warners.

[ via the Seacrest feeders at E! Online]

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