Was Mitt Romney Glitter-Bombed Because His Dog, Seamus, Run Away?

02.01.12 8 Comments

Recently, I told you guys about the sad plight of Seamus, the Romney family dog that was traumatically strapped to the roof of the family car for 12 hours each way when Mitt and Ann took the boys on vacation to Canada a few years ago. It’s a story that Obama campaign staffers seem eager to nudge Romney about should the two face off for the presidency, which most certainly will happen barring some intervention on behalf of Newt Gingrich by the comedy gods.

Well, today brings an interesting, but not entirely shocking, twist in the story: according to the New York Observer, Seamus was not strapped to the roof of the car for the family’s 12-hour drive back to the U.S. from Canada, as had been reported. No, Seamus said f*ck this sh*t and ran away in Canada before that could happen.

Reports the New York Observer:

Mitt Romney may not have told the whole truth about the scandalous tale of his Irish Setter, Seamus, being strapped to the roof of his car during a 12-hour family road trip to Canada. According to a trusted Politicker tipster, two of Mr. Romney’s sons had an off-record conversation with reporters where they revealed the dog ran away when they reached their destination on that infamous journey in 1983.

Mr. Romney’s wife, Ann, has previously said Seamus survived the trip and went on to live to a “ripe old age.” As of this writing, Mr. Romney’s campaign has not responded to multiple requests for comment on this story.

If this is true, and I desperately want to believe that it is, can you really blame Seamus for wanting to run away? I mean, naming the poor thing Seamus (seriously, who names a dog “Seamus?”) AND strapping it down in a cage on the roof of a long car ride through Canada?! Come on!

Also, if any of you renegade web t-shirt designers come up with a cool Seamus-related t-shirt — maybe something with a funny illustration that reads “Vote Seamus 2012” or “Seamus: Never Forget ” or something — alert me to it and I will help you promote it in exchange for a free XL. So there.

Finally, Mitt Romney was glitter-bombed this afternoon. No word on whether the attack was Seamus-motivated or not as of this writing…

(HT: Liz Goodwin. Top pic via Politico, lower pic via)

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