Digg Founder Kevin Rose Really Munsoned His Reddit AMA

An AMA (Ask Me Anything) at Reddit can be a great opportunity to speak with fans and gain new fans. It can also be a great opportunity to hilariously Munson it like Woody Harrelson.
And so it went for Digg founder Kevin Rose, whose company recently sold for 99.75% less than the price Google offered them four years ago. Rose started an Ask Me Anything with a verified account and tweeted a link to the AMA from his verified Twitter, so there’s no doubt it’s him. That Reddit account, presciently enough, was created only five days before the disastrous version 4 of Digg — the new version of which relaunched yesterday — premiered on 8/25/2010. That version drove away several Digg users, many of them switching to Reddit.
It’s almost as if Rose knew it would be time to jump on the Reddit bandwagon before version 4 released, although this AMA was his first post at the site. So, what message did he use the opportunity to convey? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Rose has yet to return to the verified AMA posted at 8 PM EST last night and answer a single question. As with the Munsoned AMA with Harrelson, the best part of this AMA is reading the catty comments by disappointed Redditors.
Things really heated up two hours into the silent AMA, when Rose tweeted an instagram picture to let his followers know he was on Alcatraz Island:
When it became obvious that the polite, sincere questions from the start of the AMA were being ignored, tables were flipped and sh-t got real. Here are some of our favorite comments from the Kevin Rose AMA.