'Dinosaurs Versus Aliens' Is Now A Trilogy, Releases A Teaser

Barry Sonnenfeld (Men in Black) is planning to direct Dinosaurs Versus Aliens based on a graphic novel which hasn’t been released yet. Normally I don’t like to see movies greenlit based on unpublished, untested comics, but I’ll make an exception based on who’s making it: Grant Morrison and Mukesh Singh. Dominion: Dinosaurs Versus Aliens will be published by Liquid Comics while Sonnenfeld will handle the movie adaptation. According to the interview at Yahoo, Morrison is planning a trilogy of Dinosaurs Versus Aliens movies.

In that interview, Morrison also says, “If you don’t enjoy it, we’ll hunt you down.” Guys, I think he means it.

The first fruit of Sonnenfeld and Morrison’s labor is a “motion comic program” that is set to unveil on Yahoo! Screen from Liquid Comics, which specializes in digital graphic novels. The motion comic will debut on July 23, but right now there’s the teaser trailer as well as a three-part interview with the creators that gives some more background on the whole thing. [Blastr]

The teaser is below and shows a bit of Singh’s artwork. The synopsis is that aliens invade Earth when the dinosaurs ruled it, and those dinosaurs turned out to be much smarter than anyone realized.

I’m still not sure I’m sold on yet another “X versus Y” movie. Oh who am I kidding? I’ll watch public access television broadcasts of school budget meetings if you put some dinosaurs in them. Scratch that, especially if you put some dinosaurs in them. Fukuiraptor wants more tacos on the menu, even if you have to cut the band program to pay for them. The only instrument he can play with his little arms is the triangle anyway.

The other three videos are at Blastr, but perhaps they’ve said too much . . .

OMG you guys! Exclusive storyboard:

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