Director David Gordon Green Readies For Time Travel

11.16.11 8 years ago

Any time that a film studio prepares to acquire the rights to a time travel novel, there’s usually one question that the executives are all sure to ask each other: “Hey man, do you think we should hire the director of Pineapple Express for this one?” Well, thank God for Columbia Pictures, the answer on this latest one was a resonating “yes”, as director David Gordon Green (All The Real Girls, Your Highness, The Sitter) gets ready to tackle the novel Q, from writer Evan Mandery. Should be pretty interesting, especially when considering how much of a film genre enigma David Gordon Green is. Looking back at his work, dude really made a name for himself with dramatic material like George Washington and All The Real Girls, but then excelled exceptionally with comedic material like the aforementioned Pineapple Express, while also directing episodes of the amazingly dark Eastbound and Down. Well, I guess now it’s time to drop “inter-dimensional travel” into his hat of tricks.

Via writer Evan Mandery’s official site, his novel Q is described as:

Shortly before his wedding, the unnamed hero of this uncommon romance is visited by a man, claiming to be his future self, who ominously admonishes the protagonist that he must not marry the love of his life, Q. The author doubts this stranger, but in time becomes convinced of his authenticity and leaves his fiancée. The resulting void in his life is impossible to fill. One after the other, future selves arrive urging him to marry someone else, divorce, attend law school, leave law school, travel, join a running club, stop running, study the guitar, the cello, Proust, Buddhism, opera, and eliminate gluten from his diet. The only constants in this madcap quest for personal improvement are the author’s love for his New York City home and for his beloved Q.

Man, what a stressful existence to always have your future self drop by and talk sh*t on whatever you’re doing. Lord knows if I was ever visited by a version of myself from the future, all he’d really be able to advise me on was stuff like, “Hey dude, don’t have the yellow curry tonight, you’ll get the runs” or helpful hints like, “Don’t worry about combing your hair for this next job interview, some girl from USC is going to get it anyway.” Hmmm, thanks future self!


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