THE HORROR: Disheveled Mitt Romney Photographed Pumping His Own Gas

11.20.12 7 years ago 10 Comments

If you’ve been wondering if Mitt Romney has been on a milk bender ever since his loss to Obama in the presidential election, well, he may very well be on one. I mean, how could he not? The man basically spent the last decade of his life running for president and totally believed he had it in the bag, only to be derailed by America’s new freeloader majority and Chris Christie and kicked to the curb by the Secret Service. In the wake of his own personal tragedy, Romney has apparently hit rock bottom: HE’S PUMPING HIS OWN GAS!

We know this based on a photo posted to Reddit this morning by a user in La Jolla, California who snapped a pic of a disheveled-looking Romney at the pump. Of course, this could be a Photoshop, but it does appear to be genuine. Too bad for Romney this pic didn’t leak before the election — it actually might have made him appear more relatable to some people.

While this is all sort of sad, we here at UPROXX look forward to the Disheveled Mitt Romney meme the photo above is almost certain to give birth to.

(Via Reddit)

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