Watch One Woman Sing Through The Evolution Of All 14 Disney Princesses In One Enchanting Video

There’s no shortage of Disney princess content on the internet. You’ve got Disney princesses singing in their native voices, grandmas getting turned into Disney Princesses for the first (and probably last) time (because that’s a thing you only really need to do once), and galleries of princesses dressed in battle armor, ready to fight whatever awful villain comes their way. But you’ve never quite seen your Disney princesses like this. That’s because all 14 are performed by one person in this pretty unforgettable video (and in 14 custom costumes).

It’s impossible to imagine how much work this took to put together, but the credits list for Evynne Hollens’ video is so long, you’ve got to assume it took days to put everything together, arrange the music, add the costumes and make-up, and then work on switching the vocal style to make each princess unique. And if Hollens doesn’t have professional training in how to be a princess (which is an actual thing they do at Disney World), she must have put in a lot of hours on her own to make sure she sounded and acted at least a little like every princess she portrayed, from 1937’s Snow White to 2013’s Elsa.

Elsa, by the way, is the finale, and there were a few moments when we worried that Hollens wasn’t quite going to pull off a performance worthy of the wickedly talented, one and only, Adele Dazeem. But she did it! And considering that the medley is so well-arranged, you don’t even need to watch the video to enjoy the whole thing. So download it, put it on repeat, and make your Thursday just a little bit better with Hollens’ lovely performance. (Until it goes viral in a few hours and all your friends are sending it to you, at least; then you can stop.)