Disney Princess Lingerie Is The Creepiest Thing To Come From Japan Since ‘The Ring’

Japan isn’t one for subtlety — I think Orgasm Wars proved that.

So rather than secretly fetishize the Disney princesses, like us good, honest Americans have been doing decades, they’ve instead gone and made undergarments based on Belle, Cinderella, Aurora, Rapunzel, and not Jasmine, for some reason. The undergarments, which is the only word I feel comfortable using to describe the aforementioned products for fear of being put on some Internet watchdog list, are available for $38/each here, money that could be better spent paying your legal fees when you’re caught buying Disney princess undergarments.

But seriously, no Jasmine? That’s like putting together a Best-Of the Rolling Stones playlist, and not including “Sympathy for the Devil.” You’re gonna be well acquainted with that guy if you buy any of these:

(Via io9)