This Boyfriend Had An Artist Turn Him And His Girlfriend Into Disney Characters For Valentine’s Day

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02.14.15 8 Comments

Here’s the kind of story that women love, that men love to hate, and that always gets a lot of viral attention on the Internet. It found life at Reddit a few days ago and spread from there, but it seems to have been a work in progress for a while now.

It’s the result of Brian Flynn’s desire to give his girlfriend Manini a gift for Valentine’s Day that showed their mutual love not only for each other, but also for Disney films. He got artist Dylan Bonner to put the work together and the result was Flynn and Manini appearing in several of Disney’s memorable animated films.

You can see some of the work below, but check out the Imgur page for the full story. Also check out Bonner’s page for more examples of his work.

(Via Reddit / Daily Dot / Imgur)

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