Disneyland’s Pluto The Dog Allegedly Put A Kid In The Hospital

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Eight-year-old Ethan was supposed to enjoy a full day of fun at the happiest place on Earth. Instead, he ended up at a nearby hospital with severe muscle strain. According to his mother, Laurie, one of Disneyland’s famous characters is to blame:

It happened Thursday in Toontown, when 8-year-old Ethan walked up to Pluto to give him a hug. The Plutonic cast member obliged, but when you watch the video in slow mo it appears he hyperextends Ethan’s back. The boy begins to cry almost immediately, saying he’s in pain.

Despite receiving medical attention on-site, the nurse told Laurie that Ethan was fine and reportedly even refused to give him a wheelchair to use around the park. Laurie believes Disneyland officials did all this in hopes of keeping the rough run-in with Pluto under wraps.

Because Ethan’s pain didn’t subside, Laurie eventually took matters into her own hands and drove him to the hospital, where he was properly diagnosed by doctors. Interestingly enough, a representative from Disneyland came to visit and offered to pay all the medical bills. Pluto was supposedly disciplined and the park is actively investigating the incident further.

(Via TMZ)