Disney’s Star Wars Plans May Already Be Falling Apart

We know that Star Wars: Episode VII is on the way; in fact, it’s already shooting. But Disney is far more ambitious than just trying to repair a once-beloved film franchise. It basically wants to replace the Expanded Universe with more movies. How’s that going? According to rumor, not so great!

The rumors are admittedly a bit questionable, but the essential content is completely unsurprising: It turns out Disney’s plan to, say, turn every character into their own solo movie isn’t working out. Boba Fett in particular is a problem according to /Film:

…much of the conversation centered on everyone’s favorite bounty hunter Boba Fett.

Fett is potentially one of the characters either Simon Kinberg or Lawrence Kasdan are writing a spin-off movie for but that may have run into some difficulties because of Fett’s allegiances.

That’s a nice way of saying Fett is an unrepentant villain who hunts people down and drags them to the Empire for money, and Disney’s not really sure how to make that a family-friendly bit of shenanigans. Normally, this problem would be solved by having Fett hunt down Space Hitler; whenever you want to have a bad guy look good, you put him up against a bad guy who’s even worse. It’s mostly a matter of figuring out who that Space Hitler is and making that palatable to the families showing up to see a movie starring a bounty hunter.

Considering, say, the operatic levels of moral corruption in Episode III or the fact that the entire franchise is prone to crude lightsaber surgery on extras, this really shouldn’t be a problem. But Disney is Disney, and we suspect that they might have to work a little harder than they thought to squeeze a yearly movie out of Star Wars.

Via /Film