DITC’s A.G. And Lord Finesse Deliver ’16 And Out’

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
02.16.16 2 Comments

“Twenty years, no pit stops,
The real definition of love and hip-hop
So don’t confuse us with that stupid shit
You a duplicate, So f*ck you, no lubricant
I’m too legit, the hammer make’em dance
But the grammar just leave’em in a trance”

DITC’s keeps their hot streak going with the weekly releases leading up to their upcoming DITC Studios compilation album. Monday’s drop was “16 and Out” with Andre The Giant of Show and A.G. laying down a quick set of bars over production by Lord Finesse. These guys are quietly yet effectively serving up boom-bap nostalgia and it was fitting that this week’s drop came on the seventeenth anniversary of the death of Big L, a fellow Crates member and one of rap’s original PLKs.

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