This Woman Claims She Was Fired From Her Job For Being Too Dang Attractive

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12.02.15 3 Comments

Доброе утро ☺️🍂🍁 #djellissexton #roccoclub

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A Russian lady, Eleonora Verbitskaya, has been leading a rather uneventful life by day. She worked as a bureaucrat at the Administrative Infringements Enforcement Office to pay the usual bills. At night, she moonlighted as DJ Ellis Sexton. She’s a woman of many interests, but unfortunately, her office bosses didn’t enjoy learning about her double life. Eleonora’s day job came to a halt, says her lawyer, when someone at work discovered her social media presence, which includes lots of sexy pictures. She often doesn’t wear much in these photos, for Eleonora publicized her DJ gigs using scantily clad photos of herself.

Soon enough, Eleonora’s bosses decided her alluring photos were “too much for an office worker.” She was let go from her position, and her lawyer, Maxim Youshin, believes his client was illegally terminated because she was “too sexy.” This is how Eleonora dressed and appeared in business attire when heading to the office.

Спасибо @life78spb за эфир , в котором было вынесено на обсуждение Профессиональная этика государственных служащих , включающая в себя принципы ,на которых основываются требования современного делового этикета .1 Принцип "ИСТИННОГО ПАТРИОТИЗМА " , включающий в себя КОНСТРУКТИВНОЕ отношение к достижениям других народов ( в моем случае это вызвавшее резонанс общественности ,американизированное танцевальное направление #twerk ) 2.Принцип "ГУМАНИЗМА" – закрепляет нравственную основу делового этикета . 3. Принцип "ЭСТЕТИЧЕСКОЙ ПРИВЛЕКАТЕЛЬНОСТИ " ( поведения и внешнего облика работника учреждения ) Сегодня в связи с активным расширением международных связей на всех уровнях эти принципы приобретают особую актуальность и становятся гарантом взаимопонимания между представителями разных культур .

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In sharp contrast, here’s how Eleonora dresses during her alluring DJ act. She’s not even really pretending to DJ, but simply dancing sexily while wearing headphones and hardly any clothing. It’s a little bizarre.

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