Do You Care About Pre-Order Bonuses?

So “Hitman: Absolution”, a game that still has a nebulous at best release date, has followed up the arcane ritual of video game releasing by announcing its pre-order bonuses. And they are, of course, various types of weapons. There’s also, of course, a deluxe edition where for twenty extra bucks, you get the game in a case that won’t fit on your shelf, an art book, and a case of virtual weapons.

We’re excited to see what this reboot of “Hitman” will play like, but we’ve got to admit, getting a neat pistol in the game doesn’t really make us want to pre-order the game from one retailer or another.

How about you? Do you care about pre-order bonuses? Do they influence your buying decisions? Or is it more about where you can get the game?