Doctor Krieger Would Be Proud: Man Takes Virtual Girlfriend Out On a Date

Have you ever wondered what this would look like in real life?

Well, it’s pretty close to this:

YouTube user Alsionesvx has used an Xtion PRO (a Kinect-like motion sensor) and a pair of video goggles to go on an outdoor date with the virtual popstar Hatsune Miku [Ed. note: massively popular singing avatar]. Alsionesvx doesn’t just see Miku through his goggles; she follows him around and reacts to his “touch.” It’s a bit distressing to see him bop her on the head, even if she isn’t self-aware. (Via)

And if by “a bit distressing,” you mean, “it’s REALLY disturbing seeing Alsionesvx poke Virtual Hatsune in the breast and then hearing her giggle to his touch, which is the way every guy envisions Asian women, apparently” then yes. The future is now, and it’s hella creepy, no matter how cool the technology is.