Does This Local News Article About A Couple’s Motorcycle Death Feature The Worst Lede Ever?

Motorcycle accident

According to the Associated Press, 56-year-old Michael McCulley of Fleetwood, Pa., and his wife, Luann, 57, died on Sunday when an oncoming SUV crossed the center line and crashed into their Harley Davidson motorcycle.

While the cause of the crash is under investigation, one of the results of the accident is this lede published over at

A couple that rides together, stays together. So goes the motorcycle couple’s credo. But sometimes, they also die together.

Seriously. Those are the first three sentences of this harrowing, but otherwise not-at-all extraordinary story about a fatal motorcycle crash. And, in case you were concerned that the author, John Luciew, might now be doubting his instincts as a journalist, allow me to direct you to the article’s comments section where he’s doubling down on his lede:

The opening of the story simply reflects a tragic truth when it comes to the risk of riding motorcycles. I accept that sometimes the truth is upsetting to people. In no way is this blaming the couple for either the crash or their own deaths.

Thanks for the lecture, guy. Perfect time and place for such a thing.