Dogs Won 'America's Got Talent,' Too

America’s Got Talent crowned their Season 7 champion last week, and I am very pleased to announce that the winner was Olate Dogs, an acrobatic act that featured dogs jumping rope, doing backflips, and doing, well, whatever the hell they’re doing in the banner picture. For those of you keeping score at home, this means that the reigning champion of both America’s Got Talent AND Britain’s Got Talent is some kind of dancing/gymnastic dog act. This sort of thing has my complete and total support.

Below, please find a clip of Olate Dogs performing on the show. There are many things to love about it — including, for example, a dog doing a backflip, followed by host Nick Cannon adding insightful analysis like “THE DOG DID A BACKFLIP” — but my favorite part of the video comes at the 0:53 mark, when Sharon Osbourne rises from the judges’ table and exclaims “AHHHHHHH I WANT THOSE DOGS,” because it makes her sound like Cruella De Vil and I find that hilarious.