A Couple’s Dog Captured Their Beautiful, Snowy Wedding On A GoPro

Marshall Burnette and his wife, Addie, formed their very own family unit on November 4 in Tennessee, but one very important member of that family was enlisted to capture the whole special day on film. No, not their struggling filmmaker nephew with all that fancy camera equipment — their dog, Ryder. With a GoPro strapped to her back, Ryder provided a dog’s-eye-view of the whole day from the bride getting ready at home to the amazing, scenic ceremony in the woods surrounded by snow-covered trees. She even took a fun little romp up to the location, resulting in a shot similar to the Raimi-cam trip through the woods in Evil Dead, but much, much prettier.

It’s a beautiful, sweet video, especially if you’re a fan of prick-eared dogs, which I am.