NOPE: Chewie The Dog Will Not Drop This Nasty Squirrel Corpse

Dogs are wonderful, amazing creatures who bring delight and joy into the lives of many people. But at the end of the day, they are still dogs, and dogs are just gonna dog. And being a dog entails being kind of disgusting, whether it’s butt-licking or turning a very-dead squirrel into a chew toy.

Chewie turns a squirrel who has been dead well past the rigor mortis stage into his favorite toy while out on the street, much to the dismay of his owner. But he loves his new toy and will not give it up. Well, the squirrel remains in his mouth mostly because his owner doesn’t want to touch it with her hands, but GOOD GOD THAT IS A STIFF DEAD SQUIRREL and it has to GO.

Source: YouTube