This Dachshund’s Struggle Against An Inflatable Shark Is Your Motivational Video For The Day

Common sense would say that this dachshund’s attempts to take an inflatable shark into his pet carrier lair are futile and pointless. The shark is bigger than the dog ever could dream to be and there seems to be no way they can exist within the same space.

But does that stop the little wiener dog? Hell no! He keeps at it, almost comically at one point. And with a little perseverance (and help from a higher power), the persistent dog is victorious. I think. I’m still not actually sure what happens in the end.

Either way, this reminds me that you shouldn’t give up on the things you truly want in life. There’s this video and Matthew McConaughey at the Oscars to support me.

(Via CLoak Isnot / YouTube)