A Very Good Dog Interrupted A Soccer Match And Got Some Magnificent Belly Rubs

What a year 2020 has been, and not in a good way at all. Dogs make everything better, though, and that’s why the above clip gets my vote for viral video of the year (yes, even above seeing black goo ooze out of Rudy Giuliani). Who wouldn’t be thrilled to see this pup sprint onto a soccer field, mid-match, while brandishing a cleat, looking all cute, and hoping to receive applause for a captivating performance?

Even the players in this Bolivian match were charmed. According to Reuters, the “incident” (which, let’s face it, is a word that does not accurately or fairly capture the overwhelmingly positive feel of what happened here) shut down the match for three minutes, but no one seemed upset about the inconvenience. Nope, this very good canine received belly rubs for shaking up what was eventually a victory for The Strongest 3-0 over Nacional de Potosi.

There appears to be no followup on who the pup belonged to or how he or she entered the field, but there’s some excellent news: one of the players is adopting the dog, so it’s a happy ending for all. Hopefully, the dog also got some treats (after a Nacional player scooped the attention-stealer off the field and another player gave it an affectionate rub on the noggin). What a sweet doggo and the winner of everything.