Dog Owner Sets Up Hidden Camera To Catch Dog Jumping On Bed, The Most Fun Video Ever Happens

03.17.14 5 years ago 13 Comments

This dog’s owner set up a hidden camera to catch it jumping on the bed while away, but I doubt they could have possibly been expecting the raging party they ended up recording. (Also, what were they hoping to accomplish? Sitting the dog down with the footage?) I love how the dog very calmly waits for the owner to leave, clicks around assessing the situation, jumps on the bed, stops and listens one last time… Then GOES THE HELL TO TOWN on that bed. Its comedic timing is impeccable — this video now already has over 2.7 million views and I’m personally responsible for at least five of them. It also doesn’t hurt, as I’ve mentioned before, that every situation is comedically improved with Benny Hill music. It’s practically science.

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