Never Struggle With Giving Your Dog Medicine Again Thanks To This Reverse Psychology Trick

You don’t have to understand Portuguese to get the gist of this clip, in which a guy uses a reverse psychology trick to get his dachshund to take her medicine, simply by telling her that she can’t have it, then “accidentally” dropping it on the floor. Whether or not this will work on all dogs is unclear, because I have known some incredibly stubborn dogs in my life who manage to isolate even the tiniest pill in a lump of cheese or yogurt cup. But hey, it’s worth a shot.

It does make sense. If I’m in the kitchen preparing food and my dog is hanging around and getting in the way, sometimes I will likewise “pretend” to drop a piece of raw vegetable on the floor to have her dart and scoop it up, only to watch her miserably chew it down if only to spite me, because dammit, she begged hard for this scrap of food.

Would this tactic work on your own dog? Thoughts in the comments?

(Via Reddit)