This Non-Swimming Dog At The Puppy Pool Party Is Alarmingly Relatable

Pool parties are great. You get to hang out in water, kids feel free to splash around with their Cheeto-caked hands and sometimes there’s horrific wrestling bloopers. That’s aquatainment! Okay, views on pool parties are mixed, but who wouldn’t want to enjoy a dog pool party? (SO MANY TENNIS BALLS!) Look at all the fun the dogs are having in the video above. Well, there’s one dog that might not be feeling the swimming in a pool experience.

The clip comes from Virginia’s Happy Tails Resort where a whole squadron of dogs are hanging out at the pool. Some of these pups are having a ball swimming around, others choose to stay out of the water, but a Chesapeake Bay retriever named Beya is just chilling in the water with zero interest in swimming. In the midst of all the doggie mayhem, she captures the spotlight. Is she socially awkward? (We can all relate to being the non-swimming dog at the pool party in our own way.) Or maybe she’s simply a portrait of calm in a pool gone mad? No matter what her reasons, she’s become a smash online. Happy Tails plunked the video on Facebook last week and it’s already amassed a whopping 8.8 million views.

According to Happy Tails, Beya does like to swim, but she’s “just a nut.” It seems like being a nut has worked in Beya’s favor. Yesterday, a new video popped up showing a new dog that has taken on a “Non Swimming Dog Internship.” We recommend giving this technique a try at your local Y and see if it catches on. This could be the new planking.

(via Time)