This Poor Dog Nearly Died After Consuming A Marijuana Edible

The recreational use of marijuana has been legal in Colorado for less than two years. By and large, the after effects have been totally awesome, dude. But there had to be a downside.

A dog named Max picked up a hidden edible in the grasses of Colorado Springs. When his owner noticed him devouring a mysterious treat, she wasn’t too concerned until Max started twitching two hours later. Soon, Max couldn’t move or control his bladder, so she rushed him to the vet. The verdict? THC poisoning.

Speaking to a Denver news station, Max’s owner said, “So I had a whole lot of questions and I wanted to know, did he eat a plant? [The vet] said ‘No, not with the levels in his system. It was probably an edible.”

Max only survived due to his 100-pound weight and his owner’s quick action. This was a close call that ended with a $1,600 vet bill and not much stoner fun for poor Max.

(via ABC 7 News Denver & Complex)