This Dog Using Purse Fringe As A Back Massager Has Got It All Figured Out

Look at this dog. Just look at it. This dog has figured out the secret to happiness, and all it involves is his human lady master’s purse with fringe on it. The dog’s owner writes in a Reddit post titled “Caught My Dog Pleasuring Himself On My Purse” (noting that the video is safe for work, because, hoo boy that could go the other way) that her dog does this almost every day, and no, that’s not slow motion you’re seeing, but the normal speed he walks under it.

As it turns out, this is actually normal behavior for dogs. Another commenter pointed the OP in the direction of this Dogster article, which describes it as “trancing,” what dogs do when they “creep as objects lightly touch their backs.”

Also called “ghost-walking” or “weed-walking,” trancing (is that even a word?) refers to a behavior in which some dogs walk — no, creep — excruciatingly slowly, in an almost trance-like manner, usually under hanging leaves, tablecloths or clothes that lightly touch the dog’s back. But it sometimes happens just walking to the water bowl!

Okay, but I still say it’s a smart doggie for figuring out how to give himself a massage.

Speaking of smart dogs, here is a bonus video of a dog trying to play it cool after getting caught red-handed (red-pawed) digging in the lawn. Bad dog! (But also kind of good dog?)

(Via Reddit)