A Manhattan Woman Claims Her Dog Walker Traded Her Pup For Drugs

This story will terrify pet owners everywhere and remind us all to trust no one. A Manhattan woman, Morgan Bogle, has launched an all-out social media campaign to recover her beloved dog. Sugar, a sweet-looking rescue pit bull, fell into the wrong hands and went missing in late February. Sugar’s walker, Tommy Doerr, has no idea what happened to the dog entrusted to his care. It’s hard to believe anyone (even a monster) could lose track of this adorable face.

According to Page Six, Doerr says he had “an unexplained psychotic break” while walking Sugar. Bogle believes drugs were involved. She filed court papers claiming that the pit was exchanged for angel dust.

Bogle, an animal rights activist and owner of Freedom of Animals (a sustainable and ethical luxury bag line) says Bogle won’t speak to her. The search trail dried up, so the internet will serve as her detective. Bogle launched a Facebook page and a Twitter tag to spread the word.

Bogle will pay a $10,000 reward for Sugar’s safe return. The pup was last seen with her walker in the East Village of NYC.

(via Page Six & Gawker)

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