Dogs With Pizza, Clever Plots, and Links

Week In Review: Twitter Lessons, Stripper Poles And More Rebecca Black [UproxxNews]

Simpsons vs. Family Guy: Who Stole Which Jokes? And who will feed the manatees? [WarmingGlow]

The Most Scathing Reviews of Sucker Punch [Filmdrunk]

The Dugout: Pittsburgh Pirates Spring Training 2011 (Not Really) [WithLeather]

The 2010 NFL Season… Somewhat Condensed [WithLeather]

On The First Annual Hoop & Hang Presented By Hardknock TV, The Smoking Section & Nike Basketball [TSS]

Pro Athlete Salaries in 1987 [CoedMag]

Stuff You Should Know: Steroids [TSJ]

15 Examples of First World Problems [Buzzfeed]

Lesbians Who Look Like Conan O’Brien [NextRound]

Why Aren’t There More Movies About Kick-Ass Girl Gangs? [Moviefone]

Ricky Gervais to Interview for Steve Carell’s ‘Office’ Job [TVSquad]

Elizabeth Taylor’s Last Tweet Unfortunately Mentions Kim Kardashian [EgoTV]

Revenge is a dish best served cold: Napster founder may buy Metallica’s record label [Fark]

Fenway Park to Install Sci-Fi ‘Bottoms Up’ Beer Pouring System To Get Fans Drunker Faster [BroBible]

FIRST VIDEO: Give that pug some pizza! [via Urlesque]

SECOND VIDEO: Dog helps itself to pizza from fridge. Pug, you have been vindicated. [via Arbroath]

[Pictures via PleatedJeans and Reddit]