The ‘Under The Dome’ Finale Wasn’t Frustrating, According To Its Producer

You might remember that we summed up Under The Dome‘s finale with one GIF yesterday. Well, Neil Baer, the producer behind the show, has a rather…defensive interview in TV Guide that also has some spoilers for season two.

First, here’s Baer on why that finale totally wasn’t just the show literally stopping dead in its tracks instead of doing anything that might be construed as an ending. Also, next season we will be seeing a lot more Julia, as apparently, the Dome thinks she’s qualified to be the leader of the pack of greedy idiotic sociopaths that are the citizens of Chester’s Mill.

I think we provided a big answer last night, which is that the dome is there to protect them and that there is some alien force… so that’s a big revelation that there’s something beyond us, beyond Earth, that’s controlling the dome. I think that’s a big answer as to what’s to come and how they’re going to deal with that. There’s also the revelation that Julia will play a huge role against Big Jim next season.

So your big reveal is that you based it on the book? Is it too late to reveal that Max is bulletproof? Or for Barbie to just go on a kicking spree for everybody in the town? The kicking spree was fun. Barbie needs to go on more kicking sprees.

If you’ve watched all thirteen episodes, this interview is really kind of compelling, because one of two things rapidly becomes clear: Either the show’s staff is fully aware they’ve got an enormous mess to clean up and no idea about how to do that, or they don’t realize they’ve got an enormous mess on their hands.

In other words, hopes for season two are not high, already. But maybe, just maybe, we’ll have another kicking spree.